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Previous Reports at the Interbull annual meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio (presentation here). The breed composition of the U.S. dairy herd has been evolving for several reasons. These include a shifting demand for dairy products, renewed interest in different traits, promotion of breeds with limited U.S. presence and the desire to capitalize on heterosis. The multiple-trait across country evaluation (MACE) for longevity was developed in the Netherlands by van der Linde and de Jong (2003 Interbull Bulletin 30:3-9) using Holstein data and was extended to the other breeds by Jakobsen et al (2004 Interbull Bulletin 32:59-64). Interbull Bulletin 44,117-121.

Interbull bulletin

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Kudinov, A. A., Juga, J. K., Uimari, J. P., Mäntysaari, E. A., Stranden, I. J., Plemyashov, K. V., Saksa, E. I. & Smaragdov, M. G., 2017, I : Interbull Bulletin. 51, s. Variability of Alternative Somatic Cell Count Traits and their Relationship with Clinical and Subclinical Mastitis. Interbull Bulletin jan 2011.

Tallinn, Estonia, August 25 - 28, 2017 91 GenTORE: Genomic Management Tools to Optimise Resilience and Efficiency Nicolas Friggens1, C. 2Kaya 3and A.W.M Roozen 1INRA AgroParisTech, 16 rue Claude Bernard, 75231, Paris cedex 05, France INTERBULL became a permanent sub-committee of the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) in 1988, supported by its parent organisations EAAP and IDF, and also the FAO. It is managed by an ICAR appointed Steering Group, consisting of members from many different countries.

Interbull Bulletin (Journal) Author(s) Groen, Ab: Source: Interbull Bulletin (1996). Department(s) Animal Breeding and Genomics: Publication type: Journal (Editor or Referee) Publication year: 1996: Comments

Daughter Information Across  18 Mar 2010 Interbull Bulletin, Rotorua, n. 17, p. 64-69, Jan. 1998. SÖLKNER, J.; FUCHS, W. A comparison of different measures of persistency with special  4 Apr 2019 Aspects of milk yield adjustment in the parameter estimation for genetic evaluation of survival.

Proceedings of the 2005 Interbull meeting : Uppsala, Sweden,. June 2-4, 2005. - Uppsala : International Bull Evaluation Service,. 2004. - 229 s. (Bulletin 

Interbull bulletin

INTERBULL BULLETIN (Vol. 23, pp. 47–53). Presented at the International workshop on EU Concerted Action Genetic Improvment of Functional Traits in Cattle (GIFT): Breeding goals and selection schemes.

Interbull bulletin

New term of four years for Gert Pedersen Aamand 2.
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Interbull Bulletin 24, Interbull, Uppsala. Interbull Bulletin 38, 142-145, 2008.

Get access to the Interbull Bulletin No 52 - Special Issue on Interbull Centrego to page. Service Portal. This section is dedicate to Interbull's customersgo to page.
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It focuses on 32nd ICAR Session and INTERBULL Meeting, held in Bled, Slovenia, Revision of ICAR Guidelines, News from Sub-Committes, Task Force and Working Groups, ICAR web space, List of approved meters, Publications, Next ICAR Session and INTERBULL Meeting in 2002).

Options for combining direct genomic and progeny test results. Report to. Genetic Evaluation  NAV Interbull search.